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Motorized Vehicle Event Insurance

Don't forget to protect both your event participants and spectators.

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If you’ve ever attended a motorized event, you will know the rush that comes with watching the event unfold. There is something distinctive about watching motorized events, whether it’s the added risk involved or just the sound of engines as they rumble past. However, organizing a motorized vehicle event presents the specific challenge of properly protecting spectators against injury while keeping them close enough to enjoy the action. Successful motorized vehicle events will have proper insurance coverage in place and adhere to risk management guidelines including erecting protective barriers and netting as required. It doesn’t take much to imagine the injuries and damage that could result when proper precautions aren’t taken with motorized vehicle events.

At the conclusion of a successful motorized vehicle event, a large and happy crowd should be able to exit the site safety and quickly to start their trip home. The only memories should be of an invigourating, safe, and satisfying event. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the things motorized vehicle event insurance covers?

  • Bodily injury including sickness.
  • Injury to spectators.
  • Property damage to third parties.
  • Liquor liability.
  • Coverage can also extend to the use of fireworks or inflatables. Note that compliance with underwriter guidelines is required.
  • Medical payments.
  • Incidental medical malpractice.
  • Vendor extension available.
  • Use of reasonable force to protect people or property.
  • Modified participant liability coverage included for incidents arising out of the negligence as a property owner, lessee, occupier, or manager of the premises or facility.
  • Full participant liability available upon request (underwriter approval required).
  • Participant accident coverage available upon request.

What are some best practices for motorized vehicle event?

  • Use lawyer-vetted waivers to ensure the participants are aware of any risks and are responsible for their own vehicles.
  • Ensure the participants are fully licensed/certified to operate the vehicles they are using.
  • Ensure that all safety equipment is used including the proper safety barriers and netting are used to protect both the participants and spectators.
  • Ensure appropriate signage is available onsite — particularly regarding safety or hazards.
  • Security is of utmost importance. Ensure badges and/or uniforms are used to identify staff in each area of the event. 
  • Alert the local authorities or municipalities of any activities that may be on their land. Obtain any permits required.
  • Acquire the proper licenses or approvals from said authorities if you are needing to shutdown streets or waterways.
  • Research and approach authorities to determine the safest distance for spectators at each location.
  • If alcohol is being served:
    • Be aware of guest ages and ensure only appropriate-aged guests are served. 
    • Ensure all third-party servers have appropriate certifications.
    • Obtain appropriate permitting (e.g. one-day liquor licensing) and follow the pursuant rules and regulations. 
    • Ticket and only allow liquor purchase for a short window of time.
    • Have and document safe ride options for patrons to get home. 
    • Consider professional security as they have experience in managing the risk of events. If you cannot obtain professional security, we suggest using volunteer security that stay sober and can be responsible for contacting the authorities, if required.

What else should I know about motorized vehicle event insurance?

  • Event cancellation insurance is a different coverage from liability insurance for events and must be purchased separately, if desired.
  • Rates for liability insurance for events don’t vary by location across Canada, so whether your event is in Ontario, BC, or Alberta your cost will be the same.
  • Motorized vehicle event insurance is available across Canada including the provinces of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island.
  • Motorized vehicle event insurance is the overall category for this family of events. Popular coverages included in category are:
    • Boat race insurance
    • Motorcycle race insurance
    • Car rally insurance
    • Car burnout insurance
    • Snowmobile event insurance
    • Truck pulling event insurance
    • Demolition derby insurance
    • Monster truck exhibition insurance
    • Recreational vehicle jamboree insurance

Who is Marsh and why should I buy my liability insurance for events through them?

  • Marsh is the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor. With colleagues operating in more than 130 countries, Marsh serves commercial and individual clients with data driven risk solutions and advisory services. Marsh Canada Limited has more than 1,000 employees and offices in 13 cities across Canada.
  • Marsh helped 490 customers manage and protect community and family events in 2019. Join the many Canadian event organizers already benefiting from the ease of purchase and broad coverages available under the Marsh Event Liability Insurance Program.

Need to know more about motorized vehicle event insurance?

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Please contact your Marsh Canada licensed insurance broker directly at:

1 888 755 5247 | Email: events.service@marsh.com

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